Saturday, September 12, 2009

Born an adult

"I was, like, 40 at birth. When I wasn't even a year old, I spoke, I was potty trained, I walked and talked. That was it. Then I started school and drove everybody crazy because they realized I had popped out as an adult. I had adult questions and wanted adult answers."

Sharon Stone (b. 1958), actor and activist.

She could be describing me when I was a kid. My mother used to love to talk about taking me to the grocery store when I was a toddler and carrying on a back-and-forth conversation with me as if I were a much older child, and freaking out the people around us.

There's a line given to Darlene Conner (as played by Sara Gilbert) in "Roseanne" (my favorite sitcom) when she is handed an infant. "I don't like kids," she says. "I didn't even like myself until I was 14."

Although I probably didn't start liking myself until my mid-20s. Still, I hated being a kid. It frustrated me that, as Ms. Stone mentions, I had adult questions and wanted adult answers. I think sometimes some of that anxiety is still with me today.

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