Thursday, October 01, 2009


I'm working on a short story that has been giving me all kinds of shit. I can't explain it properly but I've just known it wasn't ready; it wasn't right, something wasn't working. And this goddamn story has been sitting there, swinging its legs back and forth and shooting me the middle finger every now and then.

But then I hit on a style change; I changed the voice of the story and it all kind of fell into place. I was talking in character but at the same time, I poured a lot of my own frustrations and bitterness into his monologue. And it works, I think.

Once again, all it took was once tiny little shift in perception. One small click of the dial, nothing major. No great epiphany. I was avoiding putting myself into the story. I seem to need to learn this over and over and over again.

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Tim said...

I wouldn't say it's about learning that trick. I would say that every writer finds it very, very hard to drop that emotional barrier and really let their inner truth pour into words. Some never learn it. Others can do it, but it's not automatic. The human soul isn't meant to be bared so easily.