Tuesday, October 20, 2009


This past weekend was another enjoyable one at Kindred Spirits bookstore, if a tad slow. I read only two people; good readings, but still. I think part of the problem is the location is so remote — an hour, minimum, with normal traffic — and that's just asking too much for most Angelenos if they aren't in an immediate five-mile radius. Also, I am not famous, although that probably would not help anyway.

But afterwards I was blabbering on about the Camino, as I usually do now, and mentioned that I planned to send out semi-regular email or Twitter updates while I am making the trip. A friend proffered the idea of sending out email updates now, perhaps every couple of weeks. The idea would be to keep everyone informed at the same time and to try out ideas for my memoir about the trip. An excellent suggestion.

He also suggested I ask for sponsors. I am eternally penniless so this struck me as good advice. Why not? Ask and ye shall receive, right? So I'm going to do it. I'll send out the first one this weekend. Onward and upward.

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