Wednesday, December 23, 2009

L.A. state of mind

Los Angeles always clears out during the holidays. The empty roads are a bit startling, actually. And the air quality? I may have blogged about this over Thanksgiving, but the air immediately clears less than 24 hours after thousands of cars and trucks off the road. Amazing.

Anyway, an empty City of Angels is a delight over the holidays. But after spending over hour just to pick up my mail and hit the post office — sigh — the clearing out clearly hasn't happened quite yet...

Eh, who's complaining? The weather is gorgeous today. Yesterday the sunlight vanished and we had a bit of a wind storm. The power even went out briefly. What is the matter with the infrastructure of this city?! Anyway, I texted to a friend in West Virginia about the blustery wind, and she wrote back: "You can complain when it's 17 degrees." Touché.

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