Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wake up!

Yesterday evening I was crossing the parking lot at Gelson's and stopped as a police cruiser to my right began quickly backing up. At that moment, a woman emerged from the store with her attention focused on texting on her cell phone with both hands. She walked right into the path of the cruiser and if I hadn't yelped in alarm, the cop would have backed right the f**k into her at a fairly high rate of speed.

The officer thankfully slammed his brakes in time and stopped within a micro-inch of hitting her. But the woman? She just looked up at me with a vacant expression and kept right on walking. No acknowledgment whatsoever that she had just narrowly missed serious injury or death.

It occurs to me now, as I write, that perhaps she didn't even realize how close she came to disaster. But her reaction has stayed with me nevertheless. That vacant look on her face still gives me the yips — not sadness, anger, confusion, something that might indicate a message on her phone that perhaps contributed to her cluelessness about walking directly into traffic. But there was nothing at all; her mouth hung slightly open. The woman was utterly narcotized. She looked at me for just a second or two as she kept walking and then returned to the phone in her hands.

The cop had backed up quickly for whatever reason, and could really have hurt this woman if he'd smacked into her. It's an odd sensation to realize I may have saved her from massive injury, if not death. Have I ever saved anyone like that before? I can't recall.

Whether there was some kind of divine or Universal energy at work, or not — it may have been entirely coincidental — nevertheless, there I was with enough awareness of my surroundings, at the exact right moment, at the exact right time, to perform this deed. All in a day's work.

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