Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Four and a half months until I leave for the Camino de Santiago. Eep.

My father actually carved a walking stick for me to take on the trek. What a lovely gesture. But I'm not sure how I am going to manage to wrangle it on the various legs of my flight overseas. Unless I strike it rich or find a spectacular deal, I will not be flying directly from Los Angeles to Barcelona. I'll likely have a stopover on the East Coast somewhere.

And I'm not even sure my backpack will be small enough as a carry-on. Hate the idea of checking my pack but what are you gonna do? My recent trip to Central Europe was a stark reminder as to the differences between European and U.S. airlines. I think maybe I'll book my entire flight with a European carrier and just avoid U.S. companies entirely.

Also, there is a chance I will stay on for another few weeks after the trip and go back up to Slovakia. I looked at a one-way trek and Jesus H. Christ, a one-way flight is almost double the cost (someone else would cover the flight back). So that's out of the question unless the AAA travel office can work some magic.

I also still need: a backpack, a good pair of hiking boots, a collapsible tent. Various sundry items (Campsuds, the right hat, a small first aid kit, etc.) I'll pick up easily enough at a Sports Chalet or something, but the other stuff I'd planned to have in my possession already. I wanted to spent January through early April on daylong weekend hikes breaking in my new boots and other equipment. Hmmm, I'm not sure my finances are going to be cooperative.

There is also the annoying necessity of having to arrange for my rent and other bills to be paid on time while I'm gone. I was complaining to a friend about this over the weekend when she asked about the Camino newsletter I was supposed to have been sending out every two weeks in order to fundraise and spread the word.

Oh yeah... Well, all I can say is I panicked a little bit. Guess it's time to get over that and just take a deep breath and leap into the unknown.

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