Sunday, February 07, 2010


I am in Budapest this morning (local time). The owner of the studio for whom I have been hired to do some writing called yesterday afternoon, as I was napping in my hotel in Bratislava, and announced that I was to accompany him on a day trip. So here I am.

I woke up earlier, looked out my fourth-story window and was confronted a stone frieze of the face of a leering man about 20 feet away (I may have used the wrong architectural term). He has a full beard and mustache, straggly curls and creased, bushy brows. He also wears a coronet on his head, which at the moment is also topped with a pouf of white snow. His mouth is parted as he leers, showing off an upper row of formidable teeth.

I tried to take a picture of it with my camera phone, but couldn't compensate for the saturation of morning light. The frieze sits atop the music conservatory next door. Yeesh. This building is far more modern than the convervatory, so I imagine when it was constructed there was just no avoiding placing a window directly opposite this leering stone frieze. Or maybe it was a Hungarian architect who sees this sort of thing all the time. Welcome to Europe, son.

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