Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Camino writing journal #6-#9

Memoir word count (Saturday): 2013 (total: 8906)
Mood (Saturday): Sweaty.

Memoir word count (Sunday): 0 (total: 0)
Mood (Sunday): Lazy.

Memoir word count (yesterday): 0 (total: 0)
Mood (yesterday): Distracted.

Memoir word count (today): 2040 (total: 10,946)
Mood (today): Compartmentalizer.

Dreamt last night/early this morning that I'd written an Avenue Q-type musical. I showed up at the theatre lobby—plush carpets, subdued lighting, etc.—and my musical was almost underway. Inside the theatre, the Muppet-type puppets were in the audience interacting with the kids and their parents. This scenario went on for awhile. It was odd for all kinds of reasons, but mainly this one: I hate puppets. They wig me out and always have.

Then I'm talking to a client about my upcoming trip back to Prague and mention the dream. He tells me puppets and puppet theatre is a national pastime in the Czech Republic and Prague in particular. Things that make you go hmmm...

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