Thursday, August 19, 2010

Something's gotta give

I received an email this week from an old friend from my Pittsburgh days, asking when I would update this blog again. Argh, I feel bad about neglecting this space. I am in Prague right now doing copyrighting and other promo writing for an adult film company called Bel Ami and it takes up a big chunk of my day. I'll be here for a month.

After work, I hump over to my pension apartment, cook some dinner and get to work on my Camino memoir and other freelance writing gigs. And I do journal, privately. So I am doing lots of writing, more than ever. But that workload has squeezed out what I end up writing about here, a li'l old blog that will unbelievably turn nine years old in a few months.

I do have plans for this site that will be implemented in the near future; I am launching one catch-all website that gathers together all of the places I do any writing. That will go live before the end of the year. Until that happens, I think probably this blog will go quiet. I do find blogging here useful. Long-form blogging, I guess we'd call it now, in this new Twitterverse. But Twitter's 140 characters just don't cut it every time. So I want to keep this going. But, well, in the short term, something's gotta give.

I'll post here from time to time to keep everyone updated. In the meantime, CLICK HERE for my Twitter account (@500Turtles) that doesn't contain any links to my porn-world work. I update that one semi-frequently. Check out the links to your right for my racier freelance work. And stay tuned for the big revamp! Sword Blades and Poppy Seed 2.0. Cheers.

P.S. CLICK HERE for the A Knock on the Head blog, updated periodically.

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