Wednesday, December 01, 2010

December Update

UPDATE III (a couple new stories posted below):

I've got another freelance showbiz-blogging gig. This one is with a new website called Brave New Hollywood. Its proprietor is a friend from back in the day. I've written a number of pieces for him already. But here are the most recent. Please click through, give 'em some page views, leave a comment and let them how brilliant I am, etc.

* "CLICK HERE for "Actual Mystery Behind Dunst-Gosling Drama Takes Creepy Twist"

* "CLICK HERE for "Rising Stud Armie Hammer to Play Leo's Love Interest?"

* CLICK HERE for "Ouch! Celebs 'Die' for Charity; Fans Don't Notice."

* CLICK HERE for " 'The Social Network' Kicks Off Hollywood Awards Race"

* CLICK HERE for my story on A-list stars populating nominations for the newly announced Film Independent Spirit Awards.

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