Monday, May 09, 2011

Update Me

Cheers. A year ago, this month, I was on the Camino. Dang.

I'm taking a break from this particular blog for the time being. A revamp is coming at some point this year. In the meantime, I write periodic short items about showbiz stuff for these two websites:

* (which is affiliated with the Los Angeles Times)

Here is my Camino blog, updated periodically with photos and diary entries:

* A Knock on the Head

I don't blog that much on Facebook, really, except to post links to my bylines, which you can get on my Twitter accounts. Follow my non-porn twatting and other musings through the links below, including a new Twitter account: Quotes for a Bad Mood.

Click on the links, at right, for my NSFW porn-biz stuff.

Email: It's Hot in Topeka
Twitter (non-adult): @500Turtles
Twitter: Quotes for a Bad Mood

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