Sunday, August 28, 2011

August update

Earlier this month, the Berlin-based publisher Bruno Gmunder sent out an email blast to the industry touting its September slate of books and sundry. My first book, Gay Porn Heroes, was among them. Reading that email blast gave me a shiver. It finally felt real, y'know? It's being published next month and it's in pre-order right now on

I humbly demand ask that you visit Amazon and click the little link to "like" the entry and help raise our profile on the site. When the book is published, please leave a positive review and/or rate the reviews that may already be there. This also helps boost the book in Amazon's sales algorithm.

A quick note about content. It's an oversized, hardcover photobook with text. I chose most of the photos, arranged them, and wrote all of the mini-essays (over 100). Having worked in this crazy industry since 1995, I was well-suited for the task. Despite the title, it's not a hardcore sex book. But there are photos of naked men, obviously. If you find a typo, don't let me know for while...

As noted in the entries below this one, I'm Tweeting fairly regularly but I'm not really blogging here for the time being. A big upgrade to my online life is coming later this year, hopefully in time for the 10th anniversary of this blog in November.

Once again, the Gay Porn Heroes Amazon link: CLICK HERE.

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